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India Models

Chaitanya Shete, a renowned Fashion photographer and founder of Photos by Shete, featured in an exclusive interview by a prominent model management agency in India Discover the insights and experiences shared by Chaitanya on capturing stunning images and shaping the world of photography

Interview with Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete featured in a Prominent Photography Magazine - Gain insights into Chaitanya's photography journey, expertise, and creative vision.

Shell Global

Photos by Shete's captivating work featured in Shell Global's 'One Planet, Many Energy Systems' story - Chaitanya Shete chosen as one of the ten commissioned photographers worldwide. Explore the powerful visuals capturing diverse energy systems and their impact


Discover the captivating interview of Chaitanya Shete by a prominent Fashion and Advertising Photography platform on Photos by Shete's Media Page. Gain insights into Chaitanya's creative process and industry expertise.


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