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Meet Chaitanya Shete, a passionate photographer and the creative mind behind Photos by Shete. Learn about Chaitanya's journey, expertise, and unwavering dedication to capturing stunning images. Discover the world of photography through Chaitanya's lens.

Chaitanya Shete

More than a decade of Shaping Perspectives: What sprouted from a deep-rooted love for photography in 2010 has blossomed into a flourishing artistry.

Chaitanya Shete is the founder of 'Photos by Shete, a photography Studio based in Pune, India. With a lifelong passion for art, He cultivated a deep appreciation for design which propelled him to embark on his journey, earning a bachelor's degree in Automobile Design. During his time in the design program, Chaitanya discovered the captivating power of photography as a means of communication and self-expression. Drawn to Ansel Adams' belief that a photograph speaks volumes without the need for words, Chaitanya embraced photography wholeheartedly. 


Chaitanya's love for photography blossomed into a full-fledged career, In 2013, he founded 'Photos by Shete'. Since then, he has made his mark in various photography domains, specialising in Fashion, Advertising, Industrial, Product, Spaces and Travel photography. His portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed domestic and international companies and brands.


Chaitanya's unwavering commitment to knowledge-sharing and fostering emerging talent fuels his dedication to teaching and conducting workshops. As a Visiting Faculty at MIT Institute of Design and Symbiosis Institute of Design since 2015, He offers his photography guidance across disciplines such as Fashion Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Transportation Design, Retail and Exhibition Design, and Interior Design. 

Chaitanya's achievements speak volumes about his skill and acclaim in the industry. He was chosen as one of the ten commissioned photographers globally for Royal Dutch Shell's prestigious project, 'One Planet Many Energy Systems.' His work was showcased prominently in the prestigious 'Artisti' exhibition in Pune,

Looking forward with unwavering enthusiasm, Chaitanya is driven by his love for travel and forging meaningful collaborations. Through his photography, he endeavours to encapsulate the true essence of India, showcasing its diverse cultural facets on a global stage. As both a photographer and mentor, he leaves an indelible impact, continuously inspiring and shaping the evolving realm of visual artistry.

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