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Trendsetting Fashion Photography by Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete - Unveiling the world of style and glamour in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and across India.

Ignite your brand's visual storytelling with our  Fashion and Editorial Photography services. We specialize in creating captivating imagery that merges fashion, art, and storytelling.


From fashion catalogues that push boundaries to editorial campaigns that evoke emotions. Let us showcase your brand's personality, uniqueness, and style through our innovative Fashion Photography services.


Together, we'll create visual stories that leave a lasting impression and elevate your brand to new heights.

Advertising Photography is a dynamic and impactful medium that brings brands to life. We specialize in creating stunning visuals that captivate audiences and elevate brand messaging.

Our services encompass a wide range of advertising photography, including product campaigns, fashion editorials, lifestyle imagery, and brand storytelling.

With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, we craft images that resonate with viewers, leaving a lasting impression. Whether it's conceptualizing striking visuals, orchestrating photoshoots, or post-production editing, we offer end-to-end solutions to fulfill your needs.

Discover captivating advertising projects by Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete. Our expert photography brings brands to life through creative visuals and compelling storytelling. Explore our advertising portfolio for impactful visuals that leave a lasting impression.
Stunning Product Photography by Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete - Showcasing the artistry of product visuals in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Maharashtra, and across India.

Elevate your product's appeal with our exceptional Product Photography services. We capture the essence of your products through high-quality imagery, showcasing their features, quality, and allure.


From sleek product shots to captivating lifestyle visuals, we create visuals that captivate your audience and drive conversions.


Trust us to deliver stunning product visuals that make a lasting impression and effectively communicate your brand's message.

Unveiling Captivating Editorials, Checkout our remarkable editorial photography work. Immerse yourself in the glamour of cover story shoots with acclaimed personalities like Meghana Kaushik, Hamsa Nandini, Adhyayan Suman and many more Celebrities.


Explore our collaborations with renowned brands and influential figures, such as Pradeep Marathe of Cotton King  for Times Retail Icons cover story. Step into a world where fashion, culture, and art converge in breathtaking editorials.

Dive into Captivating Editorials: Explore the world of captivating editorials with Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete. Discover thought-provoking visuals and compelling narratives that push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.
Stunning Interior Photography by Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete - Capturing the essence of architectural design, showcasing exquisite interiors from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and across India.

Architecture and Interior Photography captures the absolute beauty, design, and functionality of architectural spaces. 


We create captivating visuals that showcase architectural marvels, interiors, and spatial designs. Our services encompass capturing the unique characteristics of structures, highlighting their aesthetics, form, and ambiance. With attention to detail and a refined sense of composition, we deliver images that bring architecture to life.


Whether it's about showcasing a residential, commercial, or hospitality spaces, our expertise in commercial Photography ensures that we capture the essence of your project, creating visuals that engage and inspire your target audience.

Industrial Photography captures the essence of industries, showcasing their processes, machinery, and workforce.

We specialize in Industrial Photography, delivering powerful visuals that highlight the strength, precision, and innovation behind various sectors.

Our services encompass capturing manufacturing processes, industrial facilities, equipment, and employee portraits.With a keen eye for detail and technical expertise, we create compelling images that convey the unique story of each industry.

Trust us to capture the essence of your industrial operations, helping you communicate your brand's expertise and excellence to your target audience.

Captivating Industrial Photography by Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete - Showcasing the essence of industrial processes and infrastructure in Gujarat, India
Explore Captivating Stories: Dive into the world of photography and inspiration with Chaitanya Shete from Photos by Shete. Discover our engaging blog and unravel the secrets behind stunning visuals and creative journeys.

Step into the world behind the lens and explore captivating stories, some insightful tips, and stunning visuals.

From epic adventures to quirky anecdotes, join on this photographic journey filled with laughter, inspiration, and a sprinkle of mischief.


Click here to dive into the unforgettable Journey  of the unseen world of a Fashion and Advertising photographer.


Unforgettable moments with Bollywood's finest. Introducing our celebrity encounters.

Step into the glamorous world of celebrity photographer as we present our exclusive photoshoots featuring Bollywood superstars. From the stunning  Deepika  Padukone to the charismatic  Arjun  Kapoor, these iconic  faces grace our  portfolio.  Explore this  gallery  and witness the magic of star power firsthand.